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Come to Samhain Gathering 2015

The Cedar Rapids Pagan Community and Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans will be hosting a large gathering of Pagans at People Church Unitarian Universalist on October 29th 2016. (our usual lodge is under construction this year)

There will be a ritual, games, workshops, dinner, and discussions. See the Programming for more information. All ages are welcome and feel free to wear a costume. We will also have even more door prizes than ever before.

The cost of admission will be as many toiletry items as you can provide, which we shall donate to the Waypoint Domestic Violence Program. We also request, but do not require, a $5-10 donation to help us cover our costs, as well as donations to help with the cost of the event. T-shirts will also be available at the event. Additionally, we are relying on individuals, groups, and stores who are sponsoring us with even greater donations. To donate now, please go to our donation page

This year's door prizes include: T-shirts, lifesize cutouts of the cast of the Eclipse movies, Pagan-themed card games, stuffed animals, gift certificates, and much more.

Download and distribute our poster!

You can see a summary from a past year here and from 2006 here.

You may also check out our Samhain Gathering Facebook group.

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