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Summary of Samhain Gathering 2006

The Cedar Rapids Pagan Community, The Wishing Realm, Whispering Winds, Gypsy Magic, and many other groups in Eastern Iowa, hosted a large gathering of Pagans at Squaw Creek Park in Linn County, Iowa on October 28th, 2006.

There was a ritual, games, workshops, dinner, and discussions. See the Programming for more information.

The cost of admission was as many non-perishable items as you could provide, which we donated to Waypoint Domestic Violence Shelter. We don't have an exact count on how much was donated, but it was a lot. We nearly filled the back of a pickup truck and we are still receiving additional donations. This time of year, Waypoint calls their "famine" season, due to an extreme lack of donations from around September until the winter holiday season. This year, we were able to provide small amounts of donations in September and October, with a massive donation at the end of October. Although Waypoint can always use more, we have significantly put a dent in "famine" season this year.

We also requested, but did not require, a $5 donation to help us cover our costs. We took in close to $200 in cash donations at the event and over $100 prior to the event, not including the $143 donated by our sponsors. This exceeeded our expenses, so the remainder will be split between our future events and a monetary donation to Waypoint. We also are still selling t-shirts and taking in money for the shirts (which should be ready by November 10th, sorry for the delay). Several dollars from each t-shirt sold will be donated to Waypoint as well.

At least 67 people attended the event, which exceeded our expectations. Our attendence goal for this year was 45. Our goal for next year is 100.

We are already planning another big Samhain event on October 27, 2007, so stay tuned for more details. As we have saved most of the decorations and have other cost-saving ideas, we should be able to cut our costs and be able to provide even more to Waypoint next year.

Oh yeah, if you want Geoff's rosemary cookie recipe, click here!

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